Tea Utensils

Accessories for tea preparation, from kettles and tea strainers to tea thermometers, tea timers and charcoal water filters.

Fellow Kettles

Sleek and stylish kettles by Fellow in a selection of electrical and stovetop models – including the iconic gooseneck Stagg for unmatched precision pouring. Each stainless steel design has a built-in thermometer to ensure water is boiled to the optimal temperature for the perfect brew every time.

Tea Timers

Accurately measure brewing times and never over or under steep your tea again with a trusty tea timer.


High-quality glass and digital thermometers to ensure your tea is brewed at exactly the right temperature.


High-quality fine mesh stainless steel spoon and basket strainers for brewing loose leaf teas and herbal infusions in cups or teapots.
  1. Stainless Steel



  2. Stainless Steel



  3. Tea Filter
    Double handle S



  4. Tee Filter
    Doppelhenkel M



Thermos Flasks

These stylish stainless steel Kinto Travel Tumblers will keep your tea hot in the winter and cool in the summer. The vacuum-insulated, double wall design is topped with a smart 360° sipping lid, which can also double as an integrated strainer to contain tea leaves or ice cubes when drinking or pouring.
  1. Kinto



  2. Kinto

    500 ml


Water Conditioners

Optimise your drinking water for a softer, sweeter brew with cast iron and charcoal water purifiers that remove chlorine, reduce lime and release valuable ions.
  1. Ubame Oak

    Set of 2



    €159.00 / 1kg