Matcha Kits

Everything you need to prepare the perfect bowl of matcha. Shop bowls, bamboo whisks, bamboo spoons and matcha in bundled sets.

Starter Kits

These practical accessory sets contain all the necessary tools to prepare matcha in the traditional Japanese way. Depending on your needs and the accessories you already have, you can choose from different sets with or without matcha.
  1. Set

    3-piece set

    €32.21 €33.90

  2. Set

    2-piece set

    €26.98 €28.40

  3. Set

    4-piece set

    €46.36 €48.80

  4. Set

    Gyokuro, Sencha, Bancha, Matcha

    €60.99 €64.20

    €179.38 / 1kg