Hei Cha

Noble and rare post-fermented dark teas, Anhua Furong Heicha and Liu Bao Heicha, with deep earthy aromas and the typical ancient rock cellar note.

Anhua Hei Cha

Rare, pressed and post-fermented dark tea (Hei Cha; 黑茶) from Anhua, China, from the experienced and only organic Ceres-certified farmer in a pristine natural location from the slopes of Mt. Furong. A real rarity from pesticide-free cultivation.
  1. Super Premium 97 P.

    Furong Mt., Anhua



    €618.00 / 1kg

Liu Bao Cha

Liu Bao Cha is a post-fermented tea speciality from the Chinese province of Guangxi. It is known for its very dark infusion and an earthy aroma, which is reminiscent of ancient wine cellars, especially in the case of longer matured teas. Our Liu Bao Cha are matured for many years according to traditional methods in bamboo baskets.
  1. Premium 94 P.

    Liu Bao Town, Guangxi



    €179.00 / 1kg

  2. Super Premium 96 P.

    Liu Bao Town, Guangxi



    €269.00 / 1kg