Special white tea from near Pu Erh in Yunnan. The stronger oxidation gives it a great aroma and a pleasant sweetness. In addition to a classic Pai Mu Tan and the noble Moonlight Silver Needle, our range also includes two specially blended flavoured teas made from 100% natural ingredients: Moonlight Earl Grey and Moonlight Sakura Rose.

Earl Grey & Moonlight Sakura

Our specially blended aroma blends based on the sweet and aromatic white Moonlight tea. With 100% natural bergamot oil from Calabria or the finest cherry tree leaves of the special Youkou cultivar and rose petals from Italy.
  1. Super Premium 95 P.

    Pu Erh, Yunnan



    €158.00 / 1kg

  2. Super Premium 95 P.

    Ehime, Japan & Yunnan, China



    €198.57 / 1kg