With the nutty Long Jing from West Lake in Hangzhou to the sweet springtime Anji Bai Cha from Anhui, as well as the rare gourmet Taiping Houkui and Suitong Cha, our high-quality selection of Chinese green teas includes some of the country's most popular teas. All teas are sourced from top Chinese farms committed to natural tea cultivation without the use of pesticides.

Anji Bai Cha

Exclusive Anji bai cha from the heart of the Anji region. Praised by Emperor Huizong in the 12th century as the best tea in the country, today this tea is an absolute rarity. Its unmistakable, complex aroma has garnered international fame and makes it a favourite among tea enthusiasts worldwide.
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    €231.67 / 1kg

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    €498.00 / 1kg

Enshi Yulu

Enshi yulu traditionally ranks among the top 10 green teas in China. As the only steamed green tea produced in the country, Enshi teas have the highest amount of catechins of all Chinese green teas, and they also boast the highest amount of selenium. We source our Enshi teas from a prestigious tea garden located in one of the most beautiful natural regions in China, at 1100m above sea level.
  1. Premium 92 P.

    Enshi, Hubei



    €186.25 / 1kg

  2. Imperial Grade 99 P.

    Enshi, Hubei



    €522.50 / 1kg


Our range of longjing is a selection of the most exclusive teas from a terroir recognised as the best region for producing the No. 1 green tea in China: Shi Feng Mountain, not far from West Lake in Zhejiang, China (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). We source these teas directly from an official supplier of the government, one of the most renowned tea gardens in China.
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    Shifeng Mountain, Zhejiang



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    Shifeng Mountain, Zhejiang



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  3. Shifeng Mountain, Zhejiang



    €698.00 / 1kg


Maofeng ranks as one of the top 10 teas from China. It is a full-bodied tea rich in catechins, produced by the gentlest pan frying. We source our maofeng teas directly from tea gardens located in Yunnan and Huangshan, Guizhou, where the tea first originated.
  1. Premium 93 P.

    Pu Erh, Yunnan



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  3. Imperial Grade 98 P.

    Huangshan, Anhui



    €258.00 / 1kg

Suitong Cha

This Suitong tea (碎銅茶; broken copper tea) is a rare speciality from the fabled Shaowu mountains, a region known as the home of the mystical Tao master Zhang Sanfeng. The award-winning tea's rarity is due in large part to the rocky, impassable and spatially quite limited terroir, at an altitude of over 1,400m above sea level, which leads to very low yields. The mineral-rich soils as well as the secluded location result in a distinctly aromatic and very complex tea.
  1. Imperial Grade 98 P.

    Shaowu, Nanping, Fujian



    €930.00 / 1kg

Taiping Houkui

Original taiping houkui green tea from the legendary Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) is one of the most exclusive and rarest teas in the world. This fine tea is characterised by a fresh spring water flavour with unique spicy, vegetal notes, as well as an exceptional leaf. We offer the highly sought-after teas of the spring harvest, which we source from an award-winning tea garden located on Huangshan, where the exceptional farmers have never used plant protection products as a matter of principle.
  1. Super Premium 95 P.

    Huangshan, Anhui



    €663.33 / 1kg

  2. Imperial Grade 100 P.

    Huangshan, Anhui



    €1,296.67 / 1kg

Jasmine Tea

Classic Chinese jasmine tea offered with both white and green tea as a base, tastefully and exclusively scented with fresh, organic, hand-picked jasmine flowers. Sourced directly from tea farms in Fuding and Jiangxi.
  1. Premium 91 P.

    Jiangxi, China



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