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The finest and most important teas are exclusively sourced directly from top single estates in the best locations and terroirs - all under the premise of natural, environmentally and human friendly cultivation. For this reason, with a few exceptions, we only stock certified organic teas or teas from pesticide-free cultivation. With this maxim as a guiding principle and a dedicated, international team of tea experts, Yoshi En is committed to the mission of cultivating the centuries-old culture of tea and creating the best possible quality image of the tea landscape worldwide.


We source our premium single origin teas directly from renowned estates and small regional farms in the best tea-growing regions around the world. Our internationally active sourcing team is constantly on the search for fresh and unique teas of outstanding quality to bring to our customers. To ensure consistency and transparency, our colleagues personally visit new and existing partner farms, cultivating strong relationships that allow us to obtain some true small batch tea rarities.


We specialise in the best, often strictly limited, harvests from individual single estates and small regional tea farms. The small harvest quantity results from the smaller cultivation area compared to large tea farms. For this reason, we carry a considerable number of true tea rarities and rarities in our assortment.


We offer over 450 different teas from more than 150 selected tea farms across 50 regions and counting.

Our diverse range boasts a comprehensive portfolio of Japanese teas together with a curated selection of white teas, high mountain oolongs from Taiwan, Chinese rock teas and top-class Darjeeling. We are also particularly proud of our assortment of Pu-Erh teas, some of which are specially matured for us in Fujian over several years.

Furthermore, we carry an extensive range of superior herbal teas from the Swiss and Austrian Alps, mountain teas from Mount Olympus and Mursalski, noble rooibos from the Biedouw Valley in South Africa, freeze-dried fruit teas, besides many other special herbal, bark, flower and root teas from around the world.

Organic & Pesticide-free Farming

Grown in harmony with nature, all Yoshi en teas are cultivated without chemical pesticides or herbicides. The longer a farm adopts organic practices, the better the quality of soil and in turn the tea. However we do not select farms purely on organic certification alone, it is also important for us that our tea farms are located in secluded areas to minimise the risk of wind-borne pollutants. Furthermore many of our best-loved teas come from small, often family-run, farms that continue to use age-old methods and equipment, for whom the cost of obtaining organic certification is often prohibitive. Therefore … passionate tea farmers, tea of the highest quality, their commitment to natural cultivation …

Health & Pleasure

Even the oldest Chinese writings on tea praise it as a beverage that is highly beneficial to health and well-being. Regular tea consumption not only promotes deceleration and relaxation, but also does something good for the body with every cup of tea drunk. As with all herbal products, the quality of the end product is important. Only if the important parameters in the form of high-quality terroir and natural cultivation are fulfilled can one be sure of drinking tea without hesitation. For us, these are the maxims for all our teas, because an excellent taste simply goes hand in hand with a healthy end product.

Natural, Pure and Fair

To guarantee our teas are as pure as possible, we independently test them for pesticides and other harmful substances in accordance with the internationally-recognised HACCP food safety guidelines. Laboratory tests for each tea are available on request.

Naturally, we also firmly believe in humane ethics, fair wages and pricing. Through working directly with tea farms and visiting them on-site, we can ascertain that working conditions are safe and all workers are treated with respect – only then will we form a partnership. Last but not least, good tea should be enjoyable and accessible to all, hence we strive to offer our products at a reasonable price without compromising on quality.

Research & Innovation

While staying true to tradition, we are also passionate about driving innovation in tea. We work with farms, laboratories and research centres to further explore and develop selected teas and cultivars. As an early adopter in this field, we benefit from close, long-standing partnerships with farmers who develop teas exclusively for us to meet our specifications on quality and potency. As a result of these collaborations we are very excited to be able to offer exceptional Japanese green teas including those with the highest concentrations of GABA ever measured, as well as particularly catechin rich teas.


From everyday companions to rare collector items, Yoshi en also offers a wide selection of quality accessories to better enjoy, preserve and celebrate tea and its culture. Our teaware comes from some of the most historic ceramic centres in Japan and China to globally-renowned contemporary potters such as Takashi Endoh and Petr Novak, as well as heritage brands including Kaikado, Yamada-Matsu and Iwachu.

The Way of Tea

In a hectic, fast-paced world, tea offers respite, a chance to slow down and embrace a more mindful, healthy lifestyle. Tea was first cultivated in China, and later Japan, at Buddhist monasteries where it was used by monks for its medicinal properties and to aid meditation. Going back to these roots, we offer a large selection of accessories from traditional Japanese sandalwood incense sticks and prayer beads to our custom-designed fine linen meditation cushions to keep the spirit of Chado – the “way of tea” – alive in the modern age.


Born out of a passion for tea, Jörg Schweikart conceived Yoshi en in 2013 alongside Sunday Natural, and today the two sister companies continue to share a close connection. The Yoshi en team brings together more than 20 tea experts from over 10 countries who are delighted to impart their knowledge and love for tea. Yoshi en therefore sees itself not only as a purveyor of quality teas and accessories, but also as an ambassador for contemporary tea culture and wholesome living.