Japanese Teapots

Japanese Kyusu teapots, Shiboridashi, Hohin, cast iron Tetsu-Kyusu and Mizudashi cold brew bottles from leading manufacturers and masters of Japan.

Kyusu Teapots

Traditional Japanese side-handled Kyusu teapots perfect for everyday use and all kinds of tea. These trusty all-rounders have a built-in strainer at the spout and are handcrafted at leading Tokoname- and Banko-yaki studios.
  1. Studio Tomisen



  2. Studio Kasen



  3. Studio Horyu



  4. Studio Horyu



Kyusu Masterpieces

Exquisite kyusu masterpieces handcrafted by Japan's most renowned Tokoname and Banko-yaki artists.

Vintage Kyusu Teapots

Rare vintage Banko- and Tokoname-yaki teapots from Japan with quaint designs that are sure to delight Kyusu collectors and curio lovers alike.

Cast Iron Kyusu

The iconic Japanese Tetsu-Kyusu (鉄急須) is a cast iron teapot with an enamelled interior and removable stainless steel strainer. All our Tetsu-Kyusu are handcrafted at leading foundries in Iwate: the origin of Nanbu Tekki ironware.
  1. Iwachu



  2. Iwachu



  3. Iwachu



Mizudashi - Cold Brew

Mizudashi, or cold brewing, produces a sweeter, more nuanced cup of tea, bringing out the rich flavours of the leaves without any bitterness. These borosilicate glass flasks by Hario with built-in strainer are specially designed for cold brewing in the refrigerator without any fuss. Perfect for green teas as well as fruit and herbal infusions, oolong and white teas.

  1. Hario



  2. Yoshi en



  3. Yoshi en



Shiboridashi & Hohin Teapots

Specialist handleless teapots to fully release the aroma and flavour of the finest Japanese green teas – particularly gyokuro and kabusecha. Descended from the Chinese Gaiwan, these palm-sized vessels are designed for slow brewing at low temperatures and come in a variety of unglazed clays as well as porcelain.

Dobin Teapot

The Dobin (土瓶 "clay pot") is a large Japanese teapot that typically has a top handle made of bamboo, wood or rattan, and is ideal for brewing larger quantities of tea when serving several guests.