White teas are ideal for ageing as over the years their mild and delicate flavour profile develops depth and a fruity sweetness. Our Aged White teas are grown without chemical pesticides at highly renowned farms each with their own unique terroirs.

Aged Cakes

Made from our finest white tea leaves, these Aged Cakes were exclusively pressed for us at our request. The Moonlight White has a rather bitter character that is perfect for aging, while the Yunnan Bai Mu Dan has a wonderfully fruity, creamy and mineral taste. Our Fujian Bai Mu Dan is the jewel in the crown with exquisite vanilla notes that are both elegant and refreshing at the same time.
  1. Super Premium 95 P.

    Pu Erh, Yunnan



    €174.50 / 1kg

  2. Super Premium 97 P.

    Yunnan, China



    €179.50 / 1kg

Aged Loose Leaf

Carefully matured over several years, these loose leaf aged white teas have incredibly exciting flavour profiles. The Shou Mei and Bai Lu Mu Dan from the misty mountains of Yunnan have a wild, herbal, almost mystical raw forest character, while the Wuyi Bai Mu Dan enchants with a well-developed mineral sweetness.
  1. Premium 93 P.

    Baoshan, Yunnan



    €295.00 / 1kg

  2. Super Premium 95 P.



    €258.00 / 1kg

  3. Super Premium 96 P.



    €298.00 / 1kg

Broken Cakes

Get to know our Moonlight White with a 40g piece broken off from the cake.
  1. Super Premium 95 P.

    Pu Erh, Yunnan



    €247.50 / 1kg