Chahai Small Cup

Small is beautiful. Savour high grade teas and sake in this stylish Chahai cup in textured black ceramic, handmade by the renowned contemporary Japanese potter Takashi Endoh. The clean, minimal design perfectly offsets the rough, stone-like surface, which guarantees a feast for the senses.
Item Small black ceramic cup
Maker Takashi Endoh
Origin Odawara, Kanagawa, Japan
Volume 55ml
Dimensions Ø6 x 4cm (foot: Ø2cm)
Weight 37g
Material Purion clay
Firing Reduction

Note: Each item is handmade in limited quantities; sizes, colour and glazing may vary slightly.


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Finding harmony in contrasts, Takashi Endoh (b.1974, Yokohama) is not afraid to put form over function to create ceramics that straddle the divide between arts and crafts.

The internationally sought-after, self-taught ceramic artist based in Kanagawa, Japan, took up pottery after becoming captivated by the way clay channels emotions. Working in a monochromatic palette, his signature speckled, stone-like finishes are the result of reduction firing purion clay followed by reduction cooling. This process reveals the feldspar particles, creating surfaces peppered with tangible nuances, each piece telling its own story through variations in the texture and glazing.

Made of a unique blend of clays sourced from the hallowed grounds of Iga and Shigaraki – home to one of Japan’s legendary Six Ancient Kilns – the coarse, organic appearance of the fired earth pays tribute to its origins while serving as a counterpoint to the contemporary minimal designs inspired by architecture, design and music.


Hand wash with warm water using a soft sponge. Since the clay surface is porous use a mild detergent only when necessary. Do not put in the dishwasher or oven. Delicate item, please handle carefully.

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