Tea Bowl Set
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Black & White

Novak x Kulakova

A set of five beautifully handcrafted tea bowls exclusively made for Sunday Natural by the sought-after master potter Petr Novak with a grey hand-sewn protective carry case by Raneta Kulakova. Incredibly pleasant to handle, the black and white glazes represents the Yin and Yang in Chinese philosophy. The generous capacity of the bowls make them suitable for bowl brewing as well as preparing matcha.
Product Set of 5 black and white tea bowls with grey bag
Artist Petr Novak, Raneta Kulakova
Capacity 250ml
Dimensions Ø 11.5 x 5.8cm (bowls)
Approx. 22 x 22 x 22cm (bag)
Materials Ceramic, linen

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Petr Novak

Petr Novak is one of the most important Europe-based contemporary tea ceramicists. A passionate tea drinker, he has always drawn inspiration from traditional ceramic teaware. His personal and close relationship to tea is clearly discernible in each of his works, manifesting itself through timeless aesthetics and high functionality.

Raneta Kulakova's artistic work is driven by her deep connection with tea culture. A passionate seamstress, her hand-sewn creations function as protection for valuable tea accessories and lend a beautiful and particularly natural quality to the tea ceremony, enriching the aesthetic ritual.


Petr Novak:

"I designed two different, complementary styles of bowls for Sunday Natural. My idea was to create smooth, easy to clean and very practical bowls that exude the full vibrancy of handmade teaware. Each presents an individual personality and has a special texture that feels good in the hand. For the dark tea bowl, I used a smooth clay mixture, almost completely black, and for the white one I chose a light-coloured clay with coarse-grained black stone. The bowls were first shaped on a potter's wheel, then fired at a temperature of about 1000°C and polished. After glazing the bowls using my own glaze recipe, they were placed in a kiln once more, this time at 1220°C, which strenghthens the bowls and smooths out their deep glaze. I deliberately left the inside of the bowls white so as not to disturb the fascinating colour spectrum of the tea they will hold. I also left a small part of the outside unglazed to allow for appreciation of the special texture and grain of the clay."

Raneta Kulakova:

"Focusing on sturdy stitching, I attend to every detail to create a piece that can be enjoyed for many years to come. My protective bags are made from silky soft linen, a textile made from the fibres of the flax plant. Linen fabric feels wonderfully natural and becomes even softer over time. Compared to cotton, the flax plant requires significantly less water and is even more biodegradable, making it an excellent eco fabric for those who are environmentally conscious. Apart from the accessories for the appliqués, all components of the linen bag come from the Czech Republic, where I live. This includes the high-quality flax, which I buy directly from a Czech producer. It is important to me to source the basic materials for my work from close, familiar surroundings."


Gently wash bowls by hand. Tea residue can be removed using lemon juice then rinsing with water.

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