Shou Pu-Erh (Ripe)

Shou (熟) pu-erh tea is appreciated for its creamy, milky, slightly earthy taste. The tea owes its qualities to a maturing process in which the tea leaves are gently fermented over a period of 60 days. We offer a high-quality selection of traditionally pressed Shou pu-erh as well as loose leaf tea from the best terroirs of Yunnan.

Wuliang Shan

Quickly matured & loose pu-erh tea from 1500m altitude in the subtropical central highlands of Yunnan. From one of the region's leading organic tea farms, with a deep, cereal-like flavour infused with subtle caramel and earthy cocoa notes.
  1. Premium 91 P.

    Wuliang Mtn., Yunnan



    €149.00 / 1kg

Jingmai Shan

The Jingmai area with its hundreds of years old tea trees is one of the best terroirs for pu-erh in China. The teas are known for their sweet, floral aromas, which beautifully enhance and refine the peaty, earthy notes of our Shou pu-erh.
  1. Premium 91 P.

    Jing Mai Mtn., Yunnan

    From €16.90


    €169.00 / 1kg

  2. €18.90


    €630.00 / 1kg

Bulang Shan & Ban Zhang

The Bulang Shan terroir, close to the border with Myanmar, with the famous Ban Zhang, can be counted among the "wildest" terroirs for pu-erh tea, both in terms of landscape and aroma. Our Shou pu-erh from here show great spiciness and aromatic complexity, ranging from classic earthy cocoa notes to more unusual fruit and pepper notes.
  1. Super Premium 96 P.

    Bu Lang Mtn., Yunnan

    From €16.50


    €412.50 / 1kg

  2. Imperial Grade 98 P.

    Ban Zhang Mtn., Yunnan



    €1,590.00 / 1kg

Bangwei Shan

The region around Bangwei Shan is not far from the eponymous town of Pu Erh, so unlike other terroirs, it is not in the far south of Yunnan. Our Shou pu-erh comes from the Gushu forests, from trees over 100 years old. A wonderful upper-middle tea, with a thick, velvety consistency, earthy fermentation notes and spicy caramel.
  1. Super Premium 96 P.

    Bang Wei Mtn., Yunnan

    From €22.90


    €572.50 / 1kg