The globally-renowned Tokoname-yaki artisan and certified Traditional Craftsman, Seiji Ito (伊藤 成二, b.1949) is the second generation potter of the Jinshu kiln. His distinctive, award-winning designs embrace traditional materials and techniques – such as Mogake, Yōhen and Chara – while the clean, minimalist forms will not look out of place even in the most contemporary homes.


Before he became a master Kyusu artisan, Jinshu specialised in teacups. These delightful bijou designs are perfect for serving the finest gyokuro, or even a sip of sake.
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  2. Jinshu

    2x 175ml



Jinshu's award-winning super flat Hira Kyusu are a go-to for gyokuro as well as other fragrant green teas brewed at lower temperatures. These masterpieces not only combine form with function but are a perfect fusion of modern minimalist design and traditional Tokoname-yaki techniques.
  1. Jinshu



  2. Jinshu




Literally "hot water cooler" the Yuzamashi pitcher is used to lower the temperature of boiled water, particularly when preparing high-quality teas like gyokuro and kabusecha.


Rustic Dobin style teapots with an attached handle for brewing larger quantities of tea, particularly handy when entertaining several guests. Pair with hojicha, sannen bancha or genmaicha for added warmth during the colder months.