Chachuan - Tea Boats

Classic and modern Cha Chuan (茶船; tea boat), used to catch small spillages or to collect larger quantities of water and rinsed tea when performing Gongfu Cha ceremonies with wet brewing methods.

Bamboo Cha Pan

Classic tea trays made from bamboo, a sustainable and renewable resource. Compact, lightweight and available in several sizes.
  1. Bamboo

    27 x 14cm


  2. Bamboo

    36 x 24cm


Stone Cha Pan

Exciting new interpretations of the classic tea tray using high-quality stone, such as black Uji basalt, as the primary material.
  1. Stoneware

    60 x 30cm


Hardwood Cha Pan

Luxurious Chinese tea trays made of the high-quality, precious heartwood of rosewood, sandalwood and ebony, which lend the trays an elegant shimmer while increasing durability.
  1. Ebony


  2. Sandalwood


  3. Rosewood

    34 x 14cm


Porcelain Hu Cheng

Made in Jingdezhen, the birthplace of porcelain, these Hu Cheng (壺承; teapot stands) feature the classic blue and white Qinghua style, with Chinese poetry handpainted on the surface in a flowing calligraphic script.
  1. Jingdezhen



  2. Jingdezhen



  3. Jingdezhen



  4. Jingdezhen



  1. Jingdezhen