Black Tea from China

The most famous black teas from China, including Dian Hong, Keemun, Lapsang Souchong and Yingde Hongcha.

Dian Hong

Dian Hong black tea from Yunnan is widely renowned for its rich, full-bodied, slightly malty flavour. Our selection of premium organic Dian Hong is sourced directly from a leading tea farm located at an altitude of 1500m in Pu Erh, Yunnan.
  1. Super Premium 95 P.

    Lincang, Yunnan



    €129.00 / 1kg

  2. Premium 93 P.

    Pu Erh, Yunnan



    €99.33 / 1kg

  3. Imperial Grade 98 P.

    Pu Erh, Yunnan



    €284.29 / 1kg


One of the most popular Chinese teas that brings together bittersweet notes of plum with a subtle pine aroma. We are proud to offer a masterfully crafted Gongfu Keemun from the tea's native terroir of Anhui, as well as an everyday Keemun from a small farm in the Huang Shan Mountains.
  1. €14.90


    €745.00 / 1kg

Lapsang Souchong

An unsmoked version of the smoky black tea classic, this wild-harvested and traditionally processed Lapsang Souchong sparkles with fruity notes of plum and a whisper of smoke.
  1. Super Premium 95 P.

    Nanping, Fujian



    €338.00 / 1kg