Japanese Green Teas

Discover the differences and delight in the nuances of our diverse range of Japanese green teas, and explore the unique aromas, distinct compounds and varying degrees of caffeine which arise from the diversity of cultivation methods, cultivars and terroirs.

  1. Sencha
    Steamed, rolled, lots of sunshine Strong and bitter: the classic
  2. Kabusecha
    Combines sencha and gyokuro
  3. Gyokuro
    Fully shaded, fullest umami
    The finest
  4. Karigane Kukicha
    Stem tea
    The "Tea of Tea Farmers"
    Sweet, mild, low in caffeine
  5. Bancha
    Late harvest
    Mild, alkaline, low in caffeine
  6. Tamaryokucha
    Rare, steamed, vegetal
    Elegant magatama shape
  7. Kamairicha
    Regional oven-roasted specialty
    Fine floral bouquet
  8. Catechin Tea
    Functional sencha
    Highest catechin content
    Beautifully bitter
  9. Benifuuki
    Functional tea
    Highest in EGCG + methylated catechins
  10. Sunrouge
    Functional tea
    Highest anthocyanin
  11. GABA Tea
    Matured in nitrogen
    Highest GABA content
    Sweet, buttery, vegetal
  12. Fukamushi Sencha
    Deep-steamed sencha
    Intense & strong
    Deep green cup colour
  13. Tencha
    Unground matcha
    Intensely shaded
    Umami & chlorophyll
    Precious green teas
    with fruits & herbs
  15. Cold Brew Tea
    Mizudashi green tea
    Fresh, sweet, umami
  16. Genmaicha
    Bancha & sencha
    with roasted rice
    Mild & digestive
  17. Hojicha
    Strong & roasted
    Warming, low in
  18. Sannen Bancha
    Grown or matured 3 years
    Sweet, toasty, earthy,
    alkaline & mineral
  19. Hakkocha
    Post-fermented tea
    Woody aroma,
  20. Matcha Tea
    Finely ground powder
    Fully shaded
    Fullest umami, chlorophyll
  21. Green Tea Powder
    Ground powder
    for full nutrient
  22. Matcha Iri
    Teas dusted
    with matcha powder
    Umami, full, vitalising
  23. Green Tea Bags
    Our premium loose-leaf
    teas in large pyramid-shaped
    tea bags