Sheng Pu-Erh (Raw)

Unlike Shou, Sheng (生) pu-erh is fermented slowly through a natural ageing process that can take up to seventy years to fully mature. Young Sheng pu-erh (up to 5 years) has a taste reminiscent of strong green tea and is very vitalising. Older Shengs, on the other hand, have a rounded, fruity and ripe taste and a more calming, decelerating character.

Jingmai Shan

The Jingmai area with its hundreds of years old tea trees is one of the best terroirs for Sheng pu-erh in China. It is characterised by a comparatively strong astringency, intense sweetness and floral orchid notes. Many tea trees are cultivated by the Dai minority, for whom tea cultivation plays a major cultural role.
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    Jing Mai Mtn., Yunnan


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Yiwu Shan

Yiwu Shan is not without reason one of the six classic, recognised best pu-erh terroirs. Particularly soft and clear in the mouth, the tea from this region brings out its distinguished, citrusy sweet aromas and a warm umami over many infusions. Yiwu tea is also excellently suited for longer maturation.
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    Yi Wu Mtn., Yunnan

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Nannuo Shan

Now known worldwide, pu-erh tea from the Nannuo Shan historically dates back to the Tang Dynasty and typically comes from very old tea trees with particularly large leaves. The tea is infused with a caramelly, floral honey sweetness and features a deep golden orange in the infusion.
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    Nan Nuo Mtn., Yunnan

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Bulang Shan & Ban Zhang

The Bulang terroir, not far from the border with Myanmar, can be counted among the wildest terroirs for pu-erh tea, both in terms of landscape and aroma. The particularly biodiverse, tropical terroir produces teas with great bitterness and intensity – which, however, transform into a deep fruitiness through longer maturing. The tea from Banzhang is particularly famous, with a reputation as the best & most expensive naturally matured pu-erh tea ever.
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