African Specialities

The buchu, hoodia and cancerbush plants, which are well-known and widespread in Africa, are highly valued for their special properties. However, under the Novel Food Regulation, herbs that were not commercially available in large quantities before 1997 cannot be sold as food in the EU. This disregards the centuries of experience from other nations and cultures. Therefore, we only offer these rare herbs as aromatic herbs, potpourri or incense.


Naturally grown buchu from the Swartland Municipality, north of Cape Town. Harvested by hand, air-dried and pasteurised. No irrigation except during droughts.
  1. Swartland, South Africa



    €44.50 / 1kg

  2. Highest Grade 99 P.

    Swartland, South Africa



    €161.25 / 1kg


Extra high-quality hoodia from the heart of South Africa in the Swartland Municipality, grown naturally in a secluded location at the foot of the Cederberg mountains.
  1. Highest Grade 100 P.

    Matzikama, South Africa



    €132.67 / 1kg

Cancer Bush

Exclusive cancer bush from the heart of South Africa in the Swartland Municipality. This herb has traditionally been consumed as a tea and is prized for its special properties.
  1. Highest Grade 100 P.

    Swartland, South Africa



    €52.67 / 1kg