Green Tea Powder

Green tea powder, also called funmatsucha 粉末茶 in Japanese, is not only popular because of its convenience and intense, pure green tea taste: powdered tea preparations are also a higher source of nutrients and other bioactives than tea infusions, as the leaves aren't discarded after brewing.

Sencha Powder

Premium funmatsucha from the maritime region of Shibushi, with a wonderful natural sweetness and very creamy taste.
  1. Highest Grade 99 P.

    Shibushi, Kagoshima



    €396.67 / 1kg

Hojicha Powder

Premium hojicha powder from Wazuka, the heart of the famous Uji tea region. Roasted intensively specially for us for a full-bodied, roasted aroma and a fine, nutty sweetness. A real delight as a tea or latte, this powder can also be used in baked goods.
  1. €15.90


    €159.00 / 1kg

Benifuuki Powder

Finely ground benifuuki powder allows the ingestion of this functional tea's full range of active ingredients. Very rich in catechins, including the special methylated catechins.
  1. Premium 90 P.

    Chiran, Kagoshima



    €322.50 / 1kg

  2. Premium 93 P.

    Ureshino, Saga



    €338.00 / 1kg