Kabazaiku Tea Caddy
Polished Cherry Bark

Cherry Bark

Traditional handicraft from Kakunodate, Japan. Made and polished in the Katamono process, this tea caddy combines a natural design with the highest level of aroma protection. Holds approx. 150g
Capacity 150g
Height 11.7 cm
Diameter 8.2 cm
Origin Kakunodate, Japan
Material Polished cherry bark


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For the production of traditional kabazaiku (樺細工), master craftsmen search for the best trees in spring when the cherries are in blossom and mark them to make them easier to identify for harvesting in autumn. After the heavy rains at the end of summer, the bark is soft and elastic and can be cut from the trees in strips. Since the tree regenerates the bark and is only harvested one more time, this method is considered very sustainable. Before processing, the bark is dried naturally for about two years and finally polished with sandpaper for a smooth, even surface. To make it, thin slices of cherry bark and wood are glued together with natural glue and then pressed around a mould or onto a base with a hot trowel. Once sanded and waxed, the cherry bark reveals a rich reddish-brown hue and a refined sheen that deepens with use.

Chazutsu made from the bark of wild cherry trees are called kabazaiku (樺細工) and are fabricated in the famous craft village of Kakunodate, in the Akita Prefecture. They are highly coveted for their natural beauty and the great craftsmanship of the master artisans. Moreover they are considered to be the best way to store a wide variety of teas.
Historically, kabazaiku were mainly made by lower samurai who earned an additional income in the former samurai stronghold of Kakunodate.


Due to the open wood, essential oils are deposited in the Chazutsu over time and thus keep high-quality teas fresh and aromatic for up to 3 months. However, if there is a significant difference in quality or aroma, the deposited aromas can negatively affect the taste of new teas. We therefore recommend storing comparable teas and comparable tea varieties in the same kabazaiku tea caddy.

Before the first use

Before first use, please pour a small amount of green tea into the tin and leave it sealed for 2 - 3 days. The natural smell of the cherry bark will then have dissipated and the tin will be ready for tea storage. Please discard the amount of tea used to neutralise the woody smell, as it absorbs the flavour, the aroma of the cherry bark.


If possible, the kabazaikus should not be exposed to direct sunlight, liquids or too much moisture, but also not too much dryness. The best way to care for these tea caddies is to observe the aforementioned factors, but above all to use the caddies themselves with tea. This way the tins absorb fine essential oils and fats of the tea and are automatically cared for.

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