Chinese Accessories

Chinese accessories for the stylish preparation and enjoyment of tea as well as for the Gongfu tea ceremony. Teacups, tea boats, decanters and much more from renowned manufacturers and artists.

Pin Ming Bei - Teacups

Taste all the subtle flavours of fine Chinese teas with these traditional small teacups or Pin Ming Bei 品茗杯 (lit. 'tasting tea cup'). Imported directly from Jingdezhen: the birthplace of porcelain, this small city in the north has been producing ceramics for over a thousand years and was home to some of China's most important imperial kilns.

Cha Chuan - Tea Trays

Classic and modern Cha Chuan (茶船; tea boat), used to catch small spillages or to collect larger quantities of water and rinsed tea when performing Gongfu Cha ceremonies with wet brewing methods.
  1. Bamboo

    27 x 14cm


  2. Bamboo

    36 x 24cm


  3. Stoneware

    60 x 30cm


  4. Ebony

    34 x 24cm


Cha Hai - Pitchers

Cha Hai or Gong Dao Bei "fairness cups" are small glass or ceramic pitchers commonly used in the Chinese Gong Fu tea ceremony to evenly distribute freshly brewed tea of equal strength among guests.

  1. Glass


  2. Glass


  3. Jingdezhen


  4. Jingdezhen



Jian Shui - Basins

Beautiful, stylish slop basins for collecting discarded water, tea and leaves when brewing Gongfu style.

  1. Ø13.5cm


  2. Jingdezhen



Cha Guan - Tea Caddies

Ästhetische Gefäße zur Aufbewahrung und Reifung feinaromatischer Tees inspiriert von den klassischen, chinesischen Teeurnen der Ming und Qing Dynastie.
  1. for 150g Tea


  2. for 400g Tea



Tea pick made from stainless steel with an elegant rosewood handle and screw cap for safe storage. Indispensable for gently breaking apart tea cakes and bricks, particularly pu-erh and mature white teas.
  1. Rosewood