Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong
Ya Shi Xiang Pest.Free

Rare Dan Cong Oolong in top quality. Full-bodied, very aromatic cultivar Ya Shi Xiang (鴨屎香). Considered the best and most aromatic of Dan Congs by many. Sourced directly from the original and top terroir on the legendary Phoenix Mountain. Award-winning tea farm. Cultivated without the use of plant protection products.
  • Phoenix Dan Cong is one of the most sought-after oolongs in the world
  • Many consider Ya Shi Xiang to be the best of all Dan Cong cultivars due to its aromatic and full-bodied flavour
  • Masterfully blended, with a subtle roasted note (characteristic of top quality Dan Congs)
  • Sourced directly from a top farm on Phoenix Mountain, the native terroir of Dan Cong oolongs
  • Dan Congs of this quality from pesticide-free cultivation are rare


Character Elegant, full-bodied, juicy, roasted, balanced, with notes of apricot
Tea Garden Award-winning tea farm located on Phoenix Mountain.
Terroir Phoenix Mountain, Chao Zhou, China
Harvest Late March (Ming Qian) 2021, hand-harvested
Cultivar Ya Shi Xiang
Elevation 1,000m+
Roast Medium strength, finely accentuated roast
Oxidation/Fermentation Gentle withering in the shade on bamboo mats; multi-staged and systematic churning of the leaves for stronger oxidation; traditional rolling/pressing of the leaves; repeated roasting at 130°C
Organic Cert. Traditional cultivation without the use of plant protection products or artificial fertilisers.
Grade 98/100 p. (oolong category); Imperial Grade
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Tea Farm

The tea farm is located at an altitude of 1,000m on the famous Phoenix Mountain, where the legendary Dan Cong Oolong originates. Located far from the nearest city, the surroundings are rural and idyllic. The weather is mostly cloudy with lots of fog, humidity, short sunshine hours and significant fluctuations in temperature at night. The soils, which are slightly acidic, are ideal for tea cultivation and enrich the flavour through the presence of various minerals. As a result, Dan Cong tea from Phoenix Mountain enjoys an excellent reputation among tea connoisseurs that goes back several centuries.

The tea farm has received several awards. These have been won not only due to the high quality of the teas, but also due to the farm's exemplary, sustainable approach to environmental preservation. This led to the farm receiving a national award for being a "model example of an ecologically managed tea garden".



Top Dan Congs are characterised by a balanced ratio of cultivar-typical aromas and a perfect roasted note.

Ya Shi Xiang in particular is considered by many to be the finest of all Dan Congs. Few other oolongs have such a full-bodied, rich flavour. The fine, tart body provides an ideal foundation for the fruity, intense notes of apricot and mango, which are elegantly framed by delicate, nutty roasted notes for a balanced flavour.


Fine, twisted leaves. Ebony, with green shimmer


Sunny yellow with an orange glow


Oolong tea (from the Chinese for "black snake") has a degree of oxidation between that of green and black teas, which is why it is often known as a semi-oxidised tea. Oolong can roughly be categorised into lightly (10-29%), medium (30-60%), and heavily (up to 70%) oxidised varieties. After oxidation, oolong leaves are roasted, which lends the tea a special character. The wide range of production possibilities means that oolong teas are incredibly diverse. The best terroirs for oolong are generally considered to be in Taiwan and southern regions of China in and around the province of Fujian.

Laboratory Tests

We go to great lengths to identify the finest organic tea farms across the world’s most celebrated terroirs. All our teas are sourced directly from the farmer and, with a few exceptions, are certified organic or come from pesticide-free farms. Each batch of tea for every harvest is tested for pesticides and other pollutants in an independent German lab to ensure they meet our strict quality standards as well as HACCP food safety requirements.

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Our comprehensive portfolio focuses on organic, single-origin teas sourced directly from renowned farms. We believe in creating partnerships with farmers who share our values and are committed to sustainable, responsible tea cultivation. Thanks to these strong relationships our exciting range is constantly growing and evolving. As an international team of dedicated and passionate tea experts, we are committed to preserving centuries-old tea culture while ensuring it remains relevant and continues to bring joy in the present. About Yoshi En.


The tea farm has received several awards. These have been won not only due to the high quality of the teas, but also due to the farm's exemplary, sustainable approach to environmental preservation. This led to the farm receiving a national award for being a "model example of an ecologically managed tea garden".

Other awards:
2019 - First Place Phoenix Dancong Folk Tea Contest Competition
2018 - Gold Medal Guangdong Province Famous Spring Tea Competition

Cultivation & Processing

The production of Phoenix Dan Cong tea involves the following processes:

The tea leaves are harvested by hand. Subsequently, they are left to wilt in the open air on bamboo mats. This leads to a reduction of water content by 10-15%. This is an important prerequisite for the next stages of processing.

Once the leaves have lost sufficient moisture and strength, they undergo oxidation. During this process, the plant cells are broken up by intensive agitation, allowing the plant's own enzymes to reach the outside. These react with the surrounding oxygen and cause a slight red colouration of the leaves. This is accompanied by a change in taste, as the leaves become sweeter. Care is taken to achieve a ratio of 20% more oxidised red leaves and 80% less oxidised leaves. Within this process, the tea leaves begin to develop their aromatic, seductive floral fragrance.

In the next step, the leaves are rolled. The special technique used in this process gives them their typical striped shape. The cell walls are opened further, which intensifies the oxidation even more.

The roasting and heating of the tea leaves is important for the development of the tea's unique flavours. Roasting completes the oxidation process and the transformation of the leaves' taste, while at the same time adding a complementary roasted note to the basic floral-sweet character. Only in the best Dan Congs does the roasting note complement the flavour and not dominate it.

The roasting process itself consists of two phases. These include an intensive roasting at 130-140°C and a subsequent roasting at 90-100°C lasting about 3 hours.

Single Origin

This tea is exclusively sourced from the above mentioned tea farm on Phoenix Mountain.

Sourced directly from the tea farmer.


Brewing Guide

2 heaped tsp per 200-300ml (80-85°C) water. Steep for 2 minutes.

Suitable for several infusions.

Dan Cong Oolong is a multifaceted and sensitive tea. For an especially sweet and aromatic tea, we recommend a maximum water temperature of 80°C. For a more robust flavour, a temperature of 90-100°C would be a more suitable choice.


High quality, airtight, resealable standing zipper pouch with 9 protective layers to preserve flavour and protect against oxidation and contamination.

Recommended Teapot

Oolong tea is traditionally brewed in a gaiwan (in small quantities) or a tall glass teapot with an integrated strainer so that the leaves are able to freely drift around inside the pot. For an especially aromatic infusion, we recommend a yixing teapot made from light-coloured clay.

Recommended Storage

Ideally store in a quality tea caddy made from cherry tree bark (wooden, kabazaiku chazutsu) or an airtight, double-coated metal tin.

Product Details

Dan Cong 單叢
Phoenix Mountain Dan Cong Oolong is among the most exclusive teas in the world. Dan Cong translates to "single bush" because traditionally, only leaves from a single tea bush were used to make a Dan Cong tea. However, this practice has not been followed for some time.

Dan Cong Oolong is loved by tea connoisseurs for its intensely floral aroma and balanced flavour with delicate toasted notes. There are a large number of different cultivars of Dan Cong, named after their aromatic characteristics. Probably the best known among them are:

Mi Lan Xiang (蜜蘭香) - Honey Orchid
Yu Lan Xiang (玉蘭香) - Magnolia
Rou Gui Xiang (肉桂香) - Cinnamon
Gui Hua Xiang (桂花香) - Osmanthus

Additionally, there are two famous Dan Congs: Ya Shi Xiang (鴨屎香) and Ba Xian (八仙). Ya Shi Xiang, in particular, is highly regarded and famous, due in no small part to its unique name. It is believed that the name of the tea, which can be loosely translated as "duck droppings", was deliberately chosen by tea farmers long ago who were catering to the large, never-ending demand for the exquisite tea. Legend says a special fertiliser made from the excrement of ducks led to the unique quality of the tea.

Historically, Dan Cong originated from the famous Feng Huang Shan (鳳凰山), Phoenix Mountain, located in China's Guang Dong province. The nearest major town to Phoenix Mountain is Chaozhou. A number of tea farmers own stores at the top of the mountain for selling their tea. Chaozhou is a traditional Chinese town where the old city walls from many centuries ago still stand. It is also the birthplace of the mystical Gong Fu Cha ceremony. In this ceremony, mainly small teapots and cups are used and the tea is re-poured many times. Phoenix Mountain Dan Cong Oolong and Yan Cha Rock Oolong from the Wu Yi Shan Mountains have always been the most popular teas for Gong Fu Cha.

Test results

The purity of our formulas is important to us. This is why we have both our raw ingredients as well as our finished products extensively tested by independent laboratories to confirm purity and active ingredient content. Here, we have provided the results of some of the tests carried out on this product.
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