Everyday wooden Japanese chopsticks with tapered ends for easier handling. The eight-sided design prevents the chopsticks from rolling besides making them particularly pleasant to grasp.
Product Chopsticks (1 set)
Origin Yamanaka Onsen, Ishikawa, Japan
Dimensions 23cm
Material Wood
Coating Urethane

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Yamanaka Shikki

The small hot spring resort town of Yamanaka Onsen has not only been immortalised in numerous Haiku by the celebrated Japanese poet Bashō, who extolled the virtues of its rejuvenating waters – but is also renowned for its rich lacquerware heritage. Nestled amongst the mountains of Ishikawa prefecture, on the northwestern coast of Japan, Yamanaka Onsen’s humid climate is particularly well suited for working with natural Urushi lacquer. The origins of Yamanaka Shikki (山中漆器) or Yamanaka lacquerware, can be traced back to around 1580 with the arrival of a group of woodworkers from the nearby city of Echizen who specialised in the art of Rokuro-biki (轆轤挽き) – woodturning: shaping wood on a lathe. The goods they produced were sold as souvenirs to the onsen hot spring tourists and the area soon became known for its fine lacquerware, particularly tea ceremony accessories.

Yamanaka Shikki are characterised by practical, round utensils cut on the vertical grain (Tate-kidori 縦木取り) for added stability, as well as a decorative feature that brings out striking natural patterns. To highlight the beauty of the wood grain, Yamanaka wares are often coated in transparent lacquers, making these simple and robust designs perfect for daily use.


Wash well after use with a soft cloth or sponge and mild washing-up liquid. Wipe off moisture and dry.

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