Cha Hai Wide


Handcrafted decanter made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass in traditional Chinese style. The particularly finely crafted pouring spout allows for elegant portioning. Very comfortable fit, capacity: 220ml.
  • Integral part of Chinese tea preparation
  • Pouring spout is finely crafted by hand and pours cleanly and accurately
  • Serving the tea through the decanter gives fellow drinkers a tea with a consistent flavour
  • Transparent glass material gives a clear view of the beautiful colour of the tea
  • Ultra heat-resistant, dishwasher-safe borosilicate glass
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The Cha Hai (茶海) or also Gong Dao Bei (公道杯) is a much-used companion in the preparation of Chinese teas.

Small teapots and even smaller tea bowls are quite common in China. In the course of portining, it is certainly practical to serve the tea directly from the teapot, but this has the disadvantage that the taste of the infusion in each individual cup is different. The reason for this is that the tea leaves can continue to steep in the pot during serving, which means that the last portioned cups can have a particularly intense flavour.

The solution is to use this small glass decanter. When the tea is poured from the teapot into the decanter, the result is a uniform tea infusion, allowing an identical taste for everyone drinking. Incidentally, the literal meaning of Gong Dao Bei is derived from this functionality: "Fairness Cup".


All our Cha Hai are made of robust, temperature-resistant borosilicate glass and are therefore suitable for very hot tea. The decanter can be put in the dishwasher.

Product Details

After extensive testing of different Cha Hai designs, we decided on a number of examples that convinced us the most in terms of design and functionality.

The most important part of the Cha Hai is the pouring spout. Only a fine, well-balanced shape can ensure that the tea is poured cleanly. The spouts of our Cha Hai are finely handcrafted and reliable in use.

Easy and comfortable handling is also important. This Cha Hai fits very well in the hand and feels high-quality and stable. Pouring is quite intuitive, with the upper rim of the Cha Hai being grasped first and then lowered in the desired direction of flow.

The design itself is timeless and traditionally Chinese. The significant hammer-striped design of the glass, which gives the tea in the carafe a noble shimmer, is also worthy of mention.

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