Matcha Tea
Okinami Organic

Premium 90 P.

An excellent everyday organic Matcha grown by the sea in sunny Shibushi, southern Kagoshima in a large 100g bag. Creamy and revitalising, this mild Matcha is perfect for newcomers and whisking into frothy Usucha tea or Matcha latte.
Character Refreshing, pleasantly bitter, walnut, artichoke, mild finish
Tea Farm Leading organic tea farm in Shibushi, Kagoshima.
Terroir Shibushi, Kagoshima, Japan
Harvest 1st and 2nd, May and June
Cultivar Yutakamidori, Saemidori and others
Processing Aged (Kuradashi), ball milled in 2023
Altitude 50m above sea level
Steaming Short (Asamushi, 30 seconds)
Shading 14 days, Jikagise
Organic EU organic, JAS organic certified since 2017
Grade 90/100 P. (Matcha category) – Premium
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Tea Farm

The Shibushi organic farming collective is one of the largest and most important in southern Kagoshima, proudly carrying on the tea growing tradition in Shibushi, which dates back to the early 18th century. The tea fields are cultivated in a particularly efficient and environmentally friendly manner, using their own specially developed machinery. Water, rice bran and high air pressure are used to protect the plants from pests while simultaneously enriching them with nutrients. Furthermore weeds are removed using steam. The tea farmers carefully assess when to use any machinery, as they believe the natural ecosystem should be disturbed as little as possible. In recent years, their teas have won many awards, including the esteemed Nihoncha Award, the Japanese Tea Selection Paris, and the British Great Taste Award.



Pleasantly bitter with hints of artichoke and walnut that linger briefly before leaving a long, mild aftertaste. Refreshing, revitalising and creamy, this excellent value organic Matcha is the perfect base for Matcha lattes and shakes.


Creamy, milky


Pale grass green


Made of finely ground shade-grown leaves, Matcha is one of the finest Japanese teas. Unlike other green teas it is made from the whole leaf and is therefore packed with nutrients. Good matcha has an intense, sweet taste and plenty of umami with barely any tartness even when prepared as thick, concentrated Koicha, as drunk in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

Laboratory Tests

We go to great lengths to identify the finest organic tea farms across the world’s most celebrated terroirs. All our teas are sourced directly from the farmer and, with a few exceptions, are certified organic or come from pesticide-free farms. Each batch of tea for every harvest is tested for pesticides and other pollutants in an independent German lab to ensure they meet our strict quality standards as well as HACCP food safety requirements.

Yoshi En

Premium Organic Teas

Our comprehensive portfolio focuses on organic, single-origin teas sourced directly from renowned farms. We believe in creating partnerships with farmers who share our values and are committed to sustainable, responsible tea cultivation. Thanks to these strong relationships our exciting range is constantly growing and evolving. As an international team of dedicated and passionate tea experts, we are committed to preserving centuries-old tea culture while ensuring it remains relevant and continues to bring joy in the present. About Yoshi En.

Cultivation & Processing

The Shibushi farming collective's fields are located between the Pacific Ocean and the mountains of southern Kagoshima. They specialise in exceptionally efficient organic farming using custom developed machinery for gentle 100% natural pest removal. After harvesting, the leaves are matured for several months to make Kuradashi Tencha, which is then milled into Matcha. The aging process gives the tea a more rounded, mellow flavour with a deep umami.

Single Origin

This Matcha is purchased directly from the organic farming collective in Shibushi and is packed on-site.

Organic Certification


Making Matcha

Using a Chashaku bamboo scoop, put two heaped scoops (about 1 tsp) into a Matcha bowl – or for an extra smooth result sift the Matcha first using a fine mesh strainer. Then pour approximately 80ml of 60°C to 80°C hot water into the bowl; try to avoid pouring water directly over the Matcha to prevent clumping.

Next take a Chasen Matcha whisk and place it in the bowl at an angle of about 90° to the base. Now gently but quickly move the whisk back and forth in a tight zigzag motion, without pressing it into the base or sides as much as possible, to achieve the classic Matcha foam. Make sure to avoid circular movements, and the faster the whisking is performed the fluffier the foam. Practice makes perfect – enjoy!


This Matcha is packed in a high-quality, airtight, resealable standing zipper pouch made of 9 protective layers to preserve flavour and prevent oxidation. After opening, press out as much air as possible when snapping shut and store in the refrigerator. Always allow Matcha to reach room temperature before opening the packet to prevent condensation forming. For frequent drinkers in cooler, drier climates, a week’s worth of Matcha may be stored in an opaque, airtight container – such as our Matcha caddies – and kept at room temperature for about a week.

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