Matcha Whisk
Chasen Shiro 80

Gold Bamboo

Handmade gold bamboo 80 pondate matcha whisk for the traditional preparation of matcha.
Type Matcha whisk (chasen) made from gold bamboo
Dimensions  11 x 5.8cm
Weight Approx. 14g (handmade; exact weight may vary)
Material Bamboo
Production Handmade
Packaging Plastic box
1 St.

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Chasen 茶筅

Hand-carved from a single piece of flexible and robust bamboo, the chasen is a whisk used to mix powdered matcha tea with hot water. There are slight variations in style and colour depending on the shape and number of tines (bristles), as well as the type of bamboo it is made from. Each school of Japanese tea has their preferred style of chasen according to the season, style of tea ceremony performed, and type of tea bowl or chawan used – but in general, regular, thin usucha tea is whipped and frothed using a whisk with 80 to 120 tines, while thicker koicha is kneaded with a chasen of 70 to 80 rougher tines to smoothly blend the larger quantity of powdered tea.

Chasen Care

Soak chasen in warm water before use for a few minutes to soften and unfold the bristles. When preparing the matcha in a chawan try to avoid touching the walls while whisking to preserve its shape and prevent bristle breakage. After use, soak the chasen again in warm water and repeat until the powder is removed. Once clean, shake of excess water and allow the chasen to air dry completely – this is best done with a chasen kusenaoshi stand/shaper – otherwise leave to dry whisk side down to avoid water collecting in the handle, which could lead to mould. If mould does develop, place in boiling water for a few minutes and then make sure to dry properly.

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