Classic Chinese jasmine tea offered with both white and green tea as a base, tastefully and exclusively scented with fresh, organic, hand-picked jasmine flowers. Sourced directly from tea farms in Fuding and Jiangxi.

White Jasmine Tea

Delicate jasmine teas with a white tea base from Fuding, the historic terroir for white tea. The addition of certified organic jasmine flowers, sorted by hand, adds a completely natural jasmine aroma – no flavouring agents are used in any of our teas.
  1. Super Premium 96 P.

    Mt. Taimu, Fuding, China



    €186.25 / 1kg

  2. Super Premium 95 P.

    Zhenghe, China



    €212.86 / 1kg

Green Jasmine Tea

A fine jasmine tea with an aromatic green tea base from Jiangxi, scented three times over with fresh jasmine blossoms from Heng, Guanxi – the origin of jasmine tea – for an intense yet natural flavour.
  1. Premium 91 P.

    Jiangxi, China



    €106.00 / 1kg

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    Fuding, Fujian

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