Hibiscus Flower Tea

Highest Grade 99 P.

Hand-selected organic hibiscus flowers in certified organic quality. Deep red colour with a delightful, fruity-tart flavour. Exclusively made with hand-picked flowers from the fertile Nile Valley of Egypt. Gently sun-dried and processed. 100g
  • Exclusively hand-picked hibiscus flowers from certified organic cultivation
  • From hibiscus's place of origin in the fertile Nile Valley of Egypt
  • Secluded natural area unaffected by wind-borne pollution
  • Organic farmers' collective with more than 25 years of experience
  • Fruity and refreshingly citrusy hibiscus aroma


Character Lemony with a touch of orange, refreshing, intense, very aromatic, robust
Ingredients 100% Hibiscus Flowers
Origin Organic desert farms specialised in hibiscus
Terroir Fertile Nile Valley near Luxor/Assuan, Egypt
Harvest Hand-picked end of December, beginning of January
Cultivar Hibiscus sabdariffa
Drying Traditional, gentle air-drying
Organic Cert. EU certified organic
Packaging Flavour protective, food safe, BPA-free standing zipper-pouch.
Grade 99/100 p. (herbal tea category); Highest Grade

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Tea Farm

Our Hibiscus tea comes from certified organic farms around the Luxor and Aswan area, where it is cultivated by regional tea farmers. Many of the local village communities belong to the minority Nubians, who stand out from the largely Arabic culture with their own language, art and traditions. The good water quality of the Nile River at its Egyptian headwaters and the return to traditional organic and holistic farming methods not only guarantee first-class product quality, but also contribute significantly to the preservation of the environment. By purchasing and paying fair prices, our producer ensures that farmers and community cooperatives are fairly compensated for their work.



The hand-picked hibiscus flowers ensure an intensely red cup with a refreshing aroma. The tea tastes wonderfully citrusy and invigorating. Enjoyable both hot and as an uplifting cold beverage in the summer.


100% sun-dried hibiscus flowers


Intensely red

Herbal Teas

Hibiscus is an annual plant genus native to the tropical warm regions of this earth, which belongs to the mallow family and has about 300 subspecies. The most thoroughly researched subspecies is the well-known bright-red flowering Hibiscus sabdariffa, of which the flowers of our Hibiscus tea are also from. Hibiscus sabdariffa is a herbaceous annual plant that grows up to 2.4 m tall and has deep roots. Its stem is dark green to red and bears dark green leaves with red leaf veins. The plant's rich red calyxes are mainly used. After the petals fade, the fleshy outer calyx remains on the plant and, after harvesting and drying, is used as a base for a variety of flavorful, fruity and colorful drinks or desserts. For our hibiscus tea, we use only gently hand-picked calyxes from organic cultivation in the fertile Nile valleys of Egypt. The plant finds there in subtropical climate and Nile proximity optimal conditions to thrive.

Hibiscus tea is suitable in addition to the pleasure as a soothing hot drink also in particular as a cold prepared summer drink. You can find more information and preparation tips in the tab "Preparation".

Laboratory Tests

We go to great lengths to identify the finest organic tea farms across the world’s most celebrated terroirs. All our teas are sourced directly from the farmer and, with a few exceptions, are certified organic or come from pesticide-free farms. Each batch of tea for every harvest is tested for pesticides and other pollutants in an independent German lab to ensure they meet our strict quality standards as well as HACCP food safety requirements.

Yoshi En

Premium Organic Teas

Our comprehensive portfolio focuses on organic, single-origin teas sourced directly from renowned farms. We believe in creating partnerships with farmers who share our values and are committed to sustainable, responsible tea cultivation. Thanks to these strong relationships our exciting range is constantly growing and evolving. As an international team of dedicated and passionate tea experts, we are committed to preserving centuries-old tea culture while ensuring it remains relevant and continues to bring joy in the present. About Yoshi En.


Hibiscus sabdariffa is particularly rich in valuable organic acids (citric acid, hibiscic acid, malic acid), iron, vitamin C, secondary plant compounds such as anthocyanins and polyphenols, polysaccharides and mucilage. The anthocyanins give the calyxes their rich red color, while the organic acids, polyphenols and polysaccharides give them their fruity, citrusy and refreshing taste.

Due to their multitude of vital substances, the calyxes also form the basis for our fruity, rich red organic hibiscus flower powder in premium raw food quality.

Cultivation & Processing

Our hibiscus tea is sourced directly from certified organic farming near Luxor and Assuan. The hibiscus is cultivated by a regional farmers' collective. Many of the local communities belong to the Nubian minority with their own language, arts, and traditions that exist parallel to Arab culture. The high water quality of the Nile headwaters as well as the emphasis on traditional and wholesome cultivation methods not only guarantee a first-class product, but also contribute to the sustainable usage of natural resources. By paying fair prices, our producer ensures that both farmers and communal cooperatives are properly compensated for their labour.


The hibiscus is native to the Nile Valley in the desert region near Luxur and Assuan. The harvest takes place each year from December to January. The flower calyces are hand-picked and sorted in the morning before the sun is high, and then they are left to dry naturally under the afternoon sun. As a result of this gentle production method, the colour and many nutrients of the hibiscus are retained. The final product distinguishes itself with a robustly fruity and tart flavour.

Organic Certification


Brewing Guide

2-3 heaped tsp tea per 200-300ml boiling water. Steep for 3-5 minutes.

Hibiscus tea is also ideal as a cold beverage in the summer. Either prepare hot tea and then add ice cubes and allow to cool in the refrigerator, or dilute a strong brew with cold water.


High quality, airtight, resealable standing zipper pouch to preserve flavour and protect against oxidation and contamination.

Recommended Teapot

The ideal teapot for hibiscus tea is a large glass or porcelain teapot with a strainer.

Recommended Storage

Ideally store in an airtight, double-coated metal tin.

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