Organic White Darjeeling
Rangaroon Estate
Morning Glory

Royal Grade 98 P.

Exquisite, perfectly balanced top white tea from the famous highland terroir of Darjeeling with wonderful subtle floral notes along with pleasant, gentle bitterness. Sourced directly from the renowned Rangaroon Estate. First Flush 2021, highest leaf grade SFTGFOP1. 100% organic cultivation.
  • 1st flush white tea from Darjeeling, highest quality grade, SFTGFOP1
  • Hand-harvested with a particularly high proportion of aromatic leaf buds
  • Renowned Tea Estate Rangaroon
  • 100% Organic


Character Mild and palatable, balanced bitterness, hazelnut, floral, juicy stone fruit
Tea Estate Estate Rangaroon
Terroir West Bengal, Darjeeling, India
Harvest First Flush, March 2021, hand-harvested
Leaf SFTGFOP1: Super Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe
Cultivar Camellia Sinensis, CL, P-312
Elevation 1450m above sea level
Processing Method Long withering, no oxidation
Oxidation/Fermentation Hand-picking of selected tender shoots and leaves in the morning before the sunlight becomes too strong. Very long withering process of 18 hours, typical for white tea. Particularly delicate handling of the leaves, avoiding any damage.
Drying Oven drying (24min)
Organic Cert. certified organic
Grade  98/100 P. (Darjeeling category); Royal

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Tea farm

Rangaroon Estate

The renowned Rangaroon Estate is located at an altitude of over 1400m directly in the heart of Darjeeling, just 16km from Darjeeling town itself. The extremely idyllic and secluded tea garden offers magnificent views of the majestic Kanchenjunga Mountains on a clear day. The entire area is beautiful and sublime and is also part of the Senchal Wildlife Reserve, which brings it under controlled conservation. The local soils are particularly rich in valuable humus, which can be explained by the adjacent forests and the resulting large foliage. The tea field is oriented to the north, which leads to a very steady and slow plant growth. Accordingly, the teas from Rangaroon Estate are rich in flavor and minerals.
For more than 100 years, Rangaroon Estate has grown its tea naturally and without pesticides, for which it was certified organic many years ago.



A top class tea with the taste profile of a noble, gentle white tea and the aromatic excellence of a premium highland Darjeeling. A fine sweetness and light vegetal bitterness complement each other perfectly and give the tea an extremely well-balanced sweetness like refreshing morning dew. Aromas of hazelnut, camphor and juicy stone fruit enter into a harmonious symbiosis with the floral notes characteristic of white tea.


SFTGFOP1, fine leaves, noble wilted, calm matte green


soft, light peach-yellow


White Darjeeling is a special tea rarity from the terroir normally known for high-quality 1st and 2nd flush black teas at the foot of the Himalayas in northern India. Due to the altitude of up to 2500m, the tea wilts only slowly, which makes the gentle floral notes typical of white tea particularly aromatic and tasty. The combination of the top terroir of Darjeeling, whose tea is highly revered for its delicate muscatel notes and florality, with the aromatic profile of a top white tea gives this tea an extremely balanced and gentle character, with full presence of the complex floral and fruity notes.

Laboratory Tests

We go to great lengths to identify the finest organic tea farms across the world’s most celebrated terroirs. All our teas are sourced directly from the farmer and, with a few exceptions, are certified organic or come from pesticide-free farms. Each batch of tea for every harvest is tested for pesticides and other pollutants in an independent German lab to ensure they meet our strict quality standards as well as HACCP food safety requirements.

Yoshi En

Premium Organic Teas

Our comprehensive portfolio focuses on organic, single-origin teas sourced directly from renowned farms. We believe in creating partnerships with farmers who share our values and are committed to sustainable, responsible tea cultivation. Thanks to these strong relationships our exciting range is constantly growing and evolving. As an international team of dedicated and passionate tea experts, we are committed to preserving centuries-old tea culture while ensuring it remains relevant and continues to bring joy in the present. About Yoshi En.

Cultivation & Processing

The prestigious tea gardens of Darjeeling in the highlands of the Himalayas have always been known for their fine first and second flush black teas. The fact that the special, first-class conditions of this terroir are used here for the production of a white tea is therefore unique in every respect and is reflected in the outstanding quality of this tea.

The leaves and buds of the tea are all handpicked and come from the particularly aromatic first harvest of the year at the end of March. From the beginning, the leaves are handled with great care and attention to avoid any form of damage. The leaves thus retain their natural, shapely aesthetics and the oxidation that is undesirable for white tea is prevented.
Harvesting is followed by a particularly extended withering phase, which can last up to 18 hours. Withering always takes place under the best indoor climatic conditions in long withering containers. The leaves are given a large surface area and sufficient free space to ensure uniform, consistent wilting. The ripening process is supported by regular, controlled turning of the leaves.
Finally, the tea is completely dried under hot air in the oven (23min) and filled by hand into tea boxes.

Single Origin

This tea is sourced exclusively from the above-mentioned tea estate in West Bengal, Darjeeling, India. Purchased directly from the estate.


Brewing Guide

2 heaped teaspoons per 200-300ml (70-80°C) water. Steep for 2-3 minutes.


High-quality, airtight, resealable standing zipper pouch with 9 protective layers to preserve flavour and protect against oxidation and contamination.

Recommended Teapot

The ideal teapot for Darjeeling is a porcelain teapot.

Recommended Storage

Ideally store in an airtight, double-coated metal tin

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