Matcha Scoop

Cherry Bark

Superior hand-carved Chashaku matcha scoop made from polished cherry bark in Kakunodate – an area famed for its Kabazaiku (桜皮細工) cherry bark work. This Chashaku comes in a standardised size to measure out the ideal amount of powdered matcha and makes for an enchanting Chadōgu (茶道具) tea ceremony utensil.
Product Straight matcha scoop, polished
Origin Kakunodate, Japan
Dimensions 19cm
Material Cherry bark
Manufacturing Handcrafted


Each item is handmade and unique, therefore colour, dimensions and weight may vary slightly



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Chashaku 茶杓

Written in the kanji as “tea scoop”, a Chashaku is a narrow, thin teaspoon used to transfer powdered matcha from its container into a Chawan tea bowl. The original Chashaku imported to Japan from China were made of ivory, and have since evolved to be carved from a single piece of bamboo or wood, typically with a nodule around the centre. Traditionally, tea masters would carve their own bamboo Chashaku together with a matching storage tube, and bestow it with a poetic name, known as Mei (銘). Chashaku are sized to measure out just the right amount of matcha: to make regular, thin Usucha tea, use 1.5 to 2 scoops per Chawan. For thick Koicha tea (that is almost exclusively served in a ceremonial setting) as much as 6 scoops may be used.

Chashaku Care

After use wipe off any matcha with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid getting any moisture on the Chashaku as this may cause it to absorb the matcha.

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