Kamairicha Award Set

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Two award-winning Kamairichas from the top two tea farmers for these teas. The Nihoncha award winning Kamairicha Ureshino Fujikaori from Ota Shigeki and the multiple award winning Kamairicha Gokase Tokusen from Miyazaki Sabo, 2x 40g

Kamairicha Gokase Tokusen Organic, 40g


Mr Miyazaki's Kamairicha Tokusen has rightly won the prestigious MAFF Award twice. Made purely from the cultivar Yabukita, it has enormous complexity and full umami. Elegant with fine sweetness, mild astringency and fragrant notes of fresh hay, perfectly balanced. A really great tea that manages to combine the harmonious mildness of Kamairicha with the power of a top Sencha.


Kamairicha Ureshino Fujikaori, 40g


This Nihoncha Award-winning Kamairicha is the masterpiece of Ota Shigeki. Its perfection in Kamairicha production, paired with the excellent properties of the noble and very rare cultivar Fujikaori, creates a wonderful aroma play of floral notes, especially jasmine. With just a hint of roasted notes and a subtle astringency, the result is a warming, fragrant tea of ​​supreme elegance.

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Kamairicha Ureshino Fujikaori

Nihoncha award-winning kamairicha from Ota Shigeki, the leading kamairicha tea farmer in the top cultivation region of Ureshino in Saga, Japan. 40g

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Organic Kamairicha Gokase Tokusen

A prize-winning kamairicha from Miyazaki Sabo, a leading kamairicha tea farm in the top terroir of Gokase in Miyazaki, Japan. 40g

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