Cistus Benifuuki

Highest Grade

Highly active, revitalising winter tea. Rich in catechins + polyphenols. Exclusive formula by Sunday Natural. Tea and herbs from leading farms; pesticide-free. 100g
  • Balanced blend with a special Greek variant of cistus, the rare sencha karigane, and 8 vital herbs
  • Cistus incanus from Chalkidiki has a high concentration of catechins and polyphenols
  • Formulated for a unique flavour that harmoniously combines the strong individual characters of cistus, green tea, and herbs
  • Both rejuvenating and soothing
  • Each ingredient also available for purchase separately
Character Strong, warming, highly active, revitalising, subtly tart
Ingredients Benifuuki, Cistus incanus, Salvia officinalis, Sideritis scardica Type 2, Olea europea, Sambucus nigra, Matricaria chamomilla L., Hyssopus officinalis, Zingiber officinale, Thymus vulgaris.
Origin A selective blend of green and herbal teas of the highest quality, directly sourced from various leading farms. From natural cultivation around the world.
Organic Cert. Pesticide-free cultivation
Packaging 100% biodegradable and compostable (starch, cellulose, paper).
Grade 99/100 p. (herbal tea category); Highest Grade

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€85.00 / 1kg
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Special Blend by Sunday Natural

This special, unique blend unites the exquisite characteristics of benifuuki, the strongest of all green teas, with 9 other traditional winter herbs from various regions of the world. Only the most effective herb variants are selected to ensure that the blend has optimal impact. The 10 ingredients combined cover a wide range of well-known herbal remedies, to formulate a uniquely synergistic blend.

When personally selecting the tea and herbs for this blend, our tea experts prioritised the selection of the highest quality ingredients from top growing regions. All the ingredients are directly sourced from specialised farmers who are experts in the cultivation of their tea and herbs. We invested significant time and effort into the curation of a perfect winter blend that is both potent and balanced.

The tea is heartening and energising, but contains only a very small amount of caffeine. Because the caffeine is embedded in amino acids, the tea provides a pleasant and lasting invigorating feeling. An ideal winter tea for getting through the day.


Strong, warming, activating, revitalising, subtly tart


Benifuuki is a special, relatively recent cross of the varieties Assamica and Sinensis, or of “Benihomare” and “Makura Cd86". It was created in Makurazaki City, Kagoshima in 1965, but the seedling was only registered in 1993. It was found to possess very rare catechins with special properties as well as an above-average amount of the important catechins C, EC and EGC (about 0.8%, 2.0% and 3.8% in dry matter) and the highest amounts of ECG (7.6%) and the main catechin EGCG found in any tea (10.1% or up to 17% when the upper leaves of the first harvest are used).

Laboratory Tests

We go to great lengths to identify the finest organic tea farms across the world’s most celebrated terroirs. All our teas are sourced directly from the farmer and, with a few exceptions, are certified organic or come from pesticide-free farms. Each batch of tea for every harvest is tested for pesticides and other pollutants in an independent German lab to ensure they meet our strict quality standards as well as HACCP food safety requirements.

Yoshi En

Premium Organic Teas

Our comprehensive portfolio focuses on organic, single-origin teas sourced directly from renowned farms. We believe in creating partnerships with farmers who share our values and are committed to sustainable, responsible tea cultivation. Thanks to these strong relationships our exciting range is constantly growing and evolving. As an international team of dedicated and passionate tea experts, we are committed to preserving centuries-old tea culture while ensuring it remains relevant and continues to bring joy in the present. About Yoshi En.


Ingredients in Detail

  • Benifuuki ichibancha, pesticide-free: 100% from the first harvest (ichibancha), briefly steamed (asamushi), from the Pacific island of Tokunoshima in Kagoshima, Japan (laboratory tested for radiation)
  • Cistus incanus (rock rose): special variant from Chalkidiki, cultivation at 700m elevation at the top terroir of Mt. Othrys (Titan Mountain) in Greece
  • Greek sage tea: top-quality, wild-grown at 1,100m elevation on Mt. Olympus, harvested by hand
  • Sideritis Othrys Titan Type 2: Original Greek mountain tea (Sideritis scardica) from Mt. Othrys, variant with a high concentration of anthocyanins, 1,200m elevation, harvested by hand. Air-dried
  • Greek olive leaves: top-quality from traditional olive cultivation by the Ionian Sea, harvested by hand
  • Elderflowers: wild-collection in the mountains of Romania, 500-600m elevations
  • Camomile and hyssop: top-quality, from cultivation in Croatiaen.
  • Ginger: potent ginger pieces from natural cultivation in China
  • Thyme: wild-grown on Mt. Olympus, 1,100m elevation, harvested by hand

Cultivation & Processing

Our benifuuki green tea is directly sourced from an organically certified tea farm on the island of Tokunoshima in the Kagoshima prefecture of southern Japan. This region receives the greatest amount of sun in all of Japan, which helps the formation of catechins. We source our benifuuki from the first harvest (ichibancha), which has the highest concentration of catechins as well as a balanced flavour for this otherwise bitter, substance-rich tea.

The Cistus incanus variant of rock rose used in this tea originates from Chalkidiki, and is grown on Mt. Othrys in Greece. This region is well-known for its herbs. As a result of natural cultivation, our rock rose has a particularly high concentration of the polyphenol complex that rock rose is renowned for.

We also source our Greek mountain tea from Mt. Othrys. The variant we use, Sideritis scardica Type 2, has a very high content of anthocyanins.

All other herbs used in this blend are sourced from specialised farms with ideal growing conditions for herbs.


Brewing Guide

1-2 heaped tsp tea per 200-300ml (90°C) water. Steep for 3-5 minutes.


High quality, airtight, resealable standing zipper pouch to preserve flavour and protect against oxidation and contamination.

Recommended Teapot

The ideal teapot for our Cistus Benifuuki Forte Blend tea is a large glass or porcelain teapot with a strainer.

Recommended Storage

Ideally store in an airtight, double-coated metal tin.

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